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    Saturday, to 11:30 am

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    “Closed” Group to protect anonymity. All current UA members and anyone who thinks they may have a problem with under-earning May join us.

    The members of this group are deeply committed to supporting/enhancing recovery of existing U.A. members through the practice of ALL UA PRINCIPALS including 12, STEPS, and 12 TRADITIONS AND TOOLS embodied in the UA program as well as carrying the message to all those suffering from the symptoms of Under-Earning who have a desire to recover. From our inception, this Group will participate in UA So-Cal Intergroup as well as UA Global Service Board (GSB).

    Every member of this “HomeGroup” is committed to recovery using ALL twelve Steps and Traditions and practicing the “Tools” of UA to the best of our ability.

    We understand that we focus on “progress not perfection”, but we strive for full participation and that “half measures avail us nothing”. We believe that abundance and prosperity result from the actions we take, not the ones we hear others are taking.

    We understand that we are not just a UA “meeting”, but rather we are a UA “Group” which holds its meeting each Saturday. We don’t wait for Saturday to come each week, to do our recovery work, but rather, we gather on Saturdays to share our experiences, and offer strength and hope to the still suffering under-earner. While we are open to anyone who is an active member of UA or anyone who has a desire to stop under-earning, we understand that this group may not be for everyone. It is intended for those committed to “Actioning their own recovery and carrying the message to others.” We do this using ALL Steps, Tools, and Traditions, and not just going to meetings and sharing and using a few tools. We recognize that just coming to meetings and sharing can be inherently part of the selfishness and self-centeredness of our disease. We come to meetings to connect with one another in community, and especially to offer recovery to the new person still suffering through sponsorship.

    We realize that it is our job to action the 12th Step by constantly carrying the message OUTSIDE of our meeting and not just DURING it.

  • Kensington Community Church

    4773 Marlborough Dr
    San Diego, CA 92116

    Conference Room
    Enter through the Alley behind the Church.

  • stuw67@gmail.com

  • Updated October 24, 2019