UA Phone Meetings


Select a group listing to see the telephone number under “Where”. Look under “More Details” for group specific information and format etc.

Note: Pressing Star (*) 6 will mute and un-mute your phone.

All times are Eastern Time (ET)

Import A Speaker

Underearners Anonymous® announces a new Import A Speaker program. This would allow the most recovered in U.A. to connect with the newcomer even if everyone in a meeting is a newcomer and eliminate isolation. The qualifications for the speaker is 12 months in U.A. and having worked the steps in the U.A. fellowship. If you’d like your name and number placed on this list, send an email with your location, name and phone to

U.A. – GSB Monthly Phone Meetings

The Underearners Anonymous® General Service Board meets monthly on the 4th Monday at 8:30 pm EST. Meetings are held for one hour via tele-conference at ( 605-475-4807. Code: 983221#).

All members of U.A. are welcome to dial in and listen. Participation in the meetings is reserved for members of the GSB, and other committee service representatives who have made a commitment to this level of Service, in order to discuss items already on the GSB Agenda.

If you wish to have items considered for the Agenda, please send a note during the month to and someone will notify you when the item has been added so that you can join the meeting. Thank you for your interest in U.A.’s ongoing development.