2020 Vision; Clarity Towards Prosperity

Conference Description

The World Service Conference (WSC) is the business meeting of Underearners Anonymous, a Fellowship that follows the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. It is where Group Service Representatives (GSRs) from UA Meeting Groups and Intergroups, and the General Service Board (GSB) Trustees gather to discuss and vote on important issues affecting UA as a whole.

Following our theme of “2020 Vision: Clarity Towards Prosperity,” the UA World Service Conference 2020, is about embodying our theme. It is our goal to have a prosperous balance of work, recovery and fellowship. All attendees who register for the full Conference will have access, before and after the workday, as well as during the longer mid-session breaks, to a Virtual Art Gallery, Meditation Room, Karaoke Room, and Lunch Room plus, the possibility of additional fellowship rooms. The days will start and end with Recovery and/or Fellowship time. Also, open to all who want to participate, we will be celebrating UA’s 15th Birthday Party and holding a UA Talent night.

Guidelines on Who May Attend, Share, and Vote At the Virtual UA World Service Conference 2020

1. All UA members are welcome to register to attend the whole World Service Conference (WSC) or any portion of it.

2. Only Group Service Representatives (GSRs), General Service Board (GSB) Trustees and Committee Chairs, the Parliamentarian, and the person(s) taking the WSC minutes will be

able to share at the work sessions of the full voting body (Convocation).

3. Only GSRs and GSB members may vote at the Convocation.

4. A GSR alternate may share and vote in Convocation sessions when the group’s regular GSR is unable to be present.

Cost of attending:

Full conference: $50.00.

This includes attendance at convocation and committee sessions, access to the UA Visual Artist’s showcase, fellowship rooms during all non-work sessions, the UA 15th Birthday Party and the Talent Show.

Birthday Party and Talent Show only: A suggested donation of $5

The whole Conference will be held on Zoom

The Convocation sessions will be held on Zoom Webinar and the Webinar will be your entryway to the rest of the Conference activities. Without completing the payment through Zoom, you will not receive your unique link (which is not shareable) and, therefore, will not be able to access the Conference. As with all Zoom meetings, it is your choice whether you are on camera or not.