Contact Underearners Anonymous®


Please note that UA does not maintain formal offices or staff. Email inquiries are handled by volunteer members of the Fellowship and answers may sometimes be delayed several weeks.

A great way to get your questions answered is through one of the fifty phone meetings that take place throughout the week. There are two ways to get specific questions answered on these phone meetings:

    1. Near the close of the meeting, time is set aside to facilitate the exchange of numbers after the close of the meeting. This is when you can request contact information from someone you heard at the meeting.
    2. At half-past each meeting’s start time (at 30 min.) the meeting stops for UA related announcements. You can introduce yourself at this time and ask if someone could talk with you after the meeting.

Use the form below and someone from our Fellowship will be happy to answer your questions.

And thank you again for contacting UA.


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