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Newcomers to Underearners Anonymous®

Welcome to Underearners Anonymous®

Welcome to Underearners Anonymous®

We welcome you and your interest in Underearners Anonymous® please explore our web site.

Underearners Anonymous is a Twelve Step Fellowship of people who have come together to help themselves and one another recover from underearning.

Underearning is many things, not all of which are about money. While the most visible consequence is the inability to provide for one’s needs, including future needs, underearning is also about the inability to fully acknowledge and express our capabilities and competencies. It is about underachieving, or under-being, no matter how much money we make.

The Tools of UA include, and reinforce, the tried and true tools of recovery provided by the Twelve Steps. Members of UA also utilize additional Tools – both individually and with partners – to support taking action that will create lives that are full, prosperous, and grounded in serenity.

We suggest you attend at least six UA meetings (either on the phone or face to face) as close together as possible before you decide whether UA is for you.

Underearners Anonymous® Conference Approved Literature is material in the form of written, spoken, visual and recorded content intended for the primary purpose of carrying the message of recovery to the suffering underearner. UA Conference Approved Literature has been created, developed and/or adopted by the voting members at UA’s World Service Conference. Underearners Anonymous® Literature abides by and adheres to the suggested practice of recovery as expressed through the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions found in the Big Book and The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions book of Alcoholics Anonymous.