Underearners Anonymous® Literature

Underearners Anonymous® Conference Approved Literature is material in the form of written, spoken, visual and recorded content intended for the primary purpose of carrying the message of recovery to the suffering underearner. UA Conference Approved Literature has been created, developed and/or adopted by the voting members at UA’s World Service Conference. Underearners Anonymous® Literature abides by and adheres to the suggested practice of recovery as expressed through the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions found in the Big Book and The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

List of Underearners Anonymous®, World Service Conference Approved Literature:

UA General Service Board (GSB) Literature Committee is working develop more Literature for Conference approval, while working to transition away from unofficial literature.

Some of early members of UA found the following materials useful in creating the foundation of their UA programs. They remain available pending adoption of further UA World Conference Approved Literature.

The literature below is free for you to download.

If you or your group would like to order the pamphlet “About UA” please contact: orders@underearnersanonymous.org

The GSB Literature Committee workgroup at the 2018 World Service Conference (WSC) had a draft of a motion that would address the concern of member around the use of non WSC approved literature and literature that was created by private individuals and taken without permission for UA promotion (i.e., the Time Sheet, the Step Study Guide, etc.). This motion may be ready for the 2019 World Service conference!