Finance Committee

Finance Committee to work on spending plan envisioning use of funds, beyond what is already spoken for, such as part-time office worker, bookkeeping/accounting, literature translation, editing literature, and website maintenance; 2016 WSC Minutes

The Finance Committee considered the proposed topic of increasing the percentage of the annual treasury from World Service that is allocated for scholarships for GSR attendance at the World Service Conference. Philosophically, we encourage UA groups to be self-supporting per the 7th Tradition. The Finance Committee is developing some strategies to help groups be self-supporting, for example: Holding workshops for Treasurer training including: a. Suggested qualifications for Treasurer b. How to set up a PayPal account c. How to give a Treasurer’s Report  Creating a suggested addition to the 7th Tradition announcement to encourage donations to the meeting’s GSR as well as to the General Service Fund.  We also want to explore the opportunity of having fundraisers, such as Step-Study groups where members donate to be a part of the 12-week group. 2018 WSC Minutes